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More than 30+ Recipes! 

This eBook will help you
accomplish the following:

  • Prep delicious meals in 30 minutes or less
  • Help you consume nutrient dense foods that promote good health
  • Create a meal plan that's suitable for your lifestyle
  • Increase your fiber and protein intake to help you stay fuller longer
  • Help you lose weight or maintain your current weight
  • Spend less time cooking and more focused on the things you love

Tips to mentally prepare for when transitioning to healthy eating:

  • Make your health a priority - Schedule the times during the day that you plan to cook for you and your family.
  • The weight loss will come - Don't obsess over the scale, focus on getting healthy and the weight loss will come.
  • Detox negativity - if those around you don't align with your health goals then change your environment and begin positive self-talk.
  • Listen to your body - although majority of healthy foods are good for you some healthy foods may cause you to bloat or suffer from constipation, so listen to your body.
  • Differentiate between emotional hunger vs. physical hunger - make sure you are drinking lots of water to help you stay full longer. Also try not to eat out of boredom. Ask yourself if you're really hungry, especially after recently eating a meal or snack.
This book is not intended to treat any diagnoses and must be used as a guide to maintain good health and/or prevent health risk. If you decide to incorporate these meals into your food plan, please consult with your doctor or seek advice from a licensed health professional on nutrition, diets, supplements, etc. If you are allergic to certain foods, please don't hesitate to substitute. When consuming these meals, please note results do vary per individual. Neither the author or publisher is qualified to provide medical, financial, or psychological advice or services. As previously stated, the reader should always consult with their health-care professional before following any advice given in this book.