Thick, Bold and Healthy LLC was founded on June 6, 2018 by our CEO, Farah M. Green. After experiencing depression and battling with many insecurities, Farah M. Green, a.k.a The Body Positive Nutritionist wanted to create a platform and a movement where curvy women of all shapes and sizes can feel empowered, confident and learn how to love their bodies through body positivity, health, wellness and nutrition.

Thick, Bold & Healthy provides health and nutrition services and products that teach women how to embrace their curves, master their health all by using our all natural detox products and sporting our body positive apparel. Society believes that a perfect model size is the ideal healthy body. However, Thick, Bold & Healthy firmly believes every woman is capable of becoming an athlete and that there needs to be better representation of body types within the health and fitness industry.

Through our products and services, we teach women to build self-love, confidence and take control of their health. Whether their goal is to build self-love, lose weight, prevent or manage a diet-related chronic illness, tone or manage their weight, our services and products are tailored to meet the needs of every curvaceous woman looking for a solution to better their health. Our clients and customers realize when working with our team, they learn to focus on celebrating small victories, further gain clarity on how to better their health, and help them understand that the number on the scale doesn’t define your worth. We focus on shifting their mindset to believe that gaining the body of their dreams is closer than they think by also creating nutrition and fitness plans that fit their lifestyle to start seeing results. We teach women to love their body at any size throughout their health and wellness journey. It’s important that we love our bodies where we are currently, so that we can continue to thrive for the health and physique we desire.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes for a woman to accomplish her health, wellness and nutrition goals; what matters is the progress that’s being made.
Our team is dedicated to helping women develop an unconditional love for themselves when they download our Everything Plus+ app, join our exclusive coaching group, purchase our products, and sign up for our private coaching program. We are solely dedicated to helping millions of curvy women around the globe see the beauty within themselves and understand the power of taking control their health.