About Us

Thick, Bold and Healthy was founded on June 6, 2018 by Farah M. Saunders. After experiencing depression, challenges with her body image and battling with many insecurities, Farah wanted to build a movement where curvy women can feel empowered and confident. She wants women to work towards taking care of their health, not worrying about the number on the scale!

Thick, Bold and Healthy provides sustainable wellness products, athleisure wear, and programs through the erase diabetes foundation to ensure fitness becomes a lifestyle and not just a wellness trend. Society believes that a perfect model size is the ideal healthy body. However, Thick, Bold and Healthy firmly believes EVERY CURVY BODY is an athlete and there needs to be better representation of all body types within the health, wellness and fitness industry.

TBH is solely dedicated to helping millions of curvy women around the globe see the beauty within themselves and understand the power of making themselves top priority. Through these products, women have learned to celebrate their bodies and fall in love with the process of bettering their overall health. 

"Remember - it's not just about the number on the scale, it's about simply learning how to live your life green." ~ Farah M. Saunders, Founder