About Us

Thick, Bold, and Healthy LLC was founded on June 6, 2018 by Farah M. Green. After experiencing depression and battling with many insecurities, Farah M. Green, a.k.a The Body Positive Nutritionist wanted to create a platform and a movement where curvy women can feel empowered, confident and learn how to transform their bodies and reach optimal wellness through body positivity and sustainable nutrition. She's earned her nutrition coaching certification and is currently on track to receive her master of science and doctorate in clinical nutrition. 

Thick, Bold, and Healthy provides health and wellness products, group and private coaching services that teach women how to love themselves unconditionally, reverse diet-related chronic illnesses, reduce medication consumption and weight loss. Society believes that a perfect model size is the ideal healthy body. However, Thick, Bold, and Healthy firmly believes every curvy BODY is an athlete and that there needs to be better representation within the health and wellness industry.

Our clients realize when working with the TBH team, they learn to focus on celebrating their bodies, falling in love with process to gain clarity on how to better their health. While completing our programs, women learn that the number on the scale doesn't define their worth. We focus on shifting their mindset and believing that gaining the physique and body of their dreams is attainable. We create customizable sustainable nutrition, fitness, and wellness plans that are supported by science to provide them with lifelong results.

It's not just about the number on the scale, it's about simply learning how to live your life green.
We are solely dedicated to helping millions of curvy women around the globe see the beauty within themselves and understand the power of making themselves a priority.