Virtual Vision Board Party - Jan. 23 @ 12PM EST

Join us for our first Annual Vision Board Party so you can manifest and plan for the woman you're becoming and the healthy lifestyle you want to live.

We can't allow another year of self-sabotage, low self-esteem, unhealthy habits and putting our health last. Even despite of the pandemic, we can't waste another year of NOT reaching our full

The Virtual Vision Board Party includes:  
  • Zoom Access to the Party (Camera's ON)
  • Vision Board Guide (emailed to you Thursday, Jan. 21st) 
  • Name entered twice for 5 Giveaways: 

    1. Wellness Tea Bundle
    2. Everything Plus+ Collection Sweater & T-Shirt Bundle
    3. Free Digital Downloads to All Cookbooks + Body of Gold Book
    4. Free 45 minute session with Your Body Positive Nutritionist - Farah M. Green
    5. $50 Amazon Gift Card

Don't wait to sign up at the last minute! We are limited seating on the Zoom (video chat) platform. Access to the party will be sent out on Thursday, Jan. 21st with your vision board guide.