The Wellness Tea Bundle and All It's Benefits

The Wellness Tea Bundle and All It's Benefits

By Halima Dabana, Staff Writer

Girrrrrrllllll, do we have something for you!

As you know, TBH is fully committed to making you the best that you could possibly be. We wish to help you realize your whole potential, and to achieve that, we’ve been living in front of the drawing board, with our thinking caps glued on, and (insert more metaphors for “working our curvy derrieres off”, LOL). And it paid off!

By looking from the outside in; we’ve recognized that our Queens want to look good, AND feel good.  Y’all don’t want to sacrifice one for the other, and quite frankly, you shouldn’t have to. We see that you need bomb skin, and equally bomb gut health and immune function. So without further ado….


We have the Skincare Tea containing organic green tea and ST6 flower pollen extract your skin will thank you for. There’s also the intensely awesome Probiotic Tea with all – organic holy basil, lemon myrtle, rose hips and so much more. Last but most definitely not least, there’s the CBD Colon Cleanse Tea fit only for the royalty you are, containing fennel seeds, ginger root, and loads of other cool stuff.  What’s more, they’re all natural, gluten – free, non – GMO, and caffeine – free! Each one has been carefully and lovingly crafted to safely provide you with a goddess body both internally and externally.

 Now the cat’s out of the bag, and we hope you’re as excited as we are. These different teas we’re making available to you serve different functions in making you glow within and without. Watch this space and our social media pages @thickboldandhealthy for more information on each specific tea, and remember, TBH has allllll the tea!

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